The Envoy Series for the
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The Envoy Series can be a great fit for any of your professional and business development needs.

Envoy, a leading market intelligence firm, offers a collection of talks and interactive exercises tailored to your audience, grounded in innovation, negotiation, and strategy explored through the lens of current social, political, and economic events. A former British diplomat, Scott Wayne leads the keynotes and our world class team of strategists join him to moderate the interactive exercises…..the rest is history.

Upcoming events Scott would be a good fit for:

  • 2019 TAB Annual Meeting & Policy Conference

  • 2019 Employment Relations Symposium


About Scott

Scott Wayne is a speaker, negotiator, and moderator. He’s the co-founder of Envoy - a negotiation and market influence firm that works on a small portfolio of discrete initiatives to deliver outcomes that mutually benefit business, environment, and society.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Georgetown University, where his research focused on influence projection in negotiations. His career includes leading trade and business development campaigns for the UK Trade and Development Agency, a global law firm, and an international bank.

Scott has founded and built a collection of award-winning businesses that apply negotiation techniques to help clients understand their organizations and their markets, in order to innovate and grow.

He regularly speaks at international conferences as well as executive retreats for global companies. He has moderated summits on behalf of government agencies, international organizations, Central Bank presidents, and Supreme Court justices.

Scott is the author of The Cartography of Negotiation, a hands-on guide to negotiating and is in the midst of writing his second book on how to use negotiation techniques for business innovation.


How do you communicate the separation of fact from perspectives?

How do you build a strategy that can flex in crippling times of conflict?

How do you empathize with those you passionately disagree with?

How can you separate disagreement from judgement in order to make progress on difficult issues?

…..Sound familiar? We have answers.


Talks and exercises we would like to present based on TAB’s upcoming events:


ALT-PERSPECTIVES: Biases and How We Overcome Them to Move Issues Forward

As psychologists have taught us with the use of optical illusions, two people can interpret the same image differently depending on where they sit. The same goes for forming opinions on the same issue – we have all biases that influence how we interpret various pieces of information. How we see a set of facts determines what we glean from those facts.

While there aren't "Alt-Facts" there are "Alt-Perspectives.” In 45-minutes we walk through the science of biases and how we naturally see what we seek. We identify the risk in our declining ability to empathize with those who don't share our views and breakdown the risks of the digital stacks and bubbles we increasingly live in.

From there, we flip to solutions and work through a series of practices to develop our empathetic talents and techniques to see problems, issues, and people, from multiple perspectives.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 4.10.49 PM.png

STRATEGY: Creating a Path Forward in a World of Uncertainty

For those whose 2016 strategic plan allocated resources needed for a Trump administration, British withdrawal from the European Union, and Russian-sponsored cyberattacks, you don't need to hear this talk. For the rest of us without a crystal ball, perhaps it’s time to examine the lessons we learned in business school and ask what's relevant and what's not. 

We step through the Negotiator's Guide to Strategy – how to set a relevant outcome goal with the necessary agility to adapt tactics as we confront ambiguous markets, unpredictable politics, and unexpected technology jumps. We’ll take an uncomfortable look at how "certainty" can dig holes and share tips for navigating the ambiguous era we're operating in.

Insight Curve Exercise

This interactive exercise is based on E.M. Rogers Diffusion of Innovation Theory. We deploy our insight curve model to target both ends of the customer innovation spectrum. Participants generate new product and service ideas created from the perspectives and activities of both ends of the spectrum. This exercise is especially great for leadership teams.


Target Practice Exercise

This interactive exercise is derived from a series of strategy drills inspired by military scenario planning and human behavioral theories. It is a drill designed to free ourselves from ourselves and see the world through the eyes of key stakeholders. This is a great exercise in how you pitch to an executive board member or key hire, based upon their perspective, experience, and how they see the world. Using public domain sources, you research targets and compile background information and motives to be used in business development and strategic partnership discussions and negotiations.


Scott’s Past Audiences

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