If you’ve reached this page…

It’s highly likely you’ve heard me speak at an event or conference and you’re looking for more information.  Or, you’re confused about which business does what and who to contact. Hopefully this note provides the answers.

Contacting Me.

Email is typically best.  But feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn if that’s helpful too.  I’m not a fan of social media generally, though I find LI to be genuinely helpful for updates and keeping track of business relationships.

Strategy, Negotiations, External Communications Consulting

I spend the majority of my time working on initiatives for clients through our consulting firm Envoy.  We work with corporates, NGOs, non-profits, and government agencies on a subscription, project and outcome fee terms that are flexible and execution-focused  www.envoyintelligence.com

Keynotes and Leadership Meeting Exercises

You can find information on my talks and the strategy exercises we run at conferences and leadership meetings here:  www.envoyseries.com Drop Kelly or myself a note if you’d like more information.

Recommended Reading

You can find articles about recommended reading here. I’ll be adding recommendations under that tag as I get the chance. I also love receiving referrals of books adjacent to our field and welcome suggested reads.


EnvoyNotes.com is the repository for our observations of the world and sharing a little of what we’re working on.  It’s often the place that we stash concepts that will later appear in keynotes or books,.

Leadership Meeting Retreats

Canvas is our location for meaningful leadership meetings.  Understated, flexible, and cost effective.  Two buildings, one courtyard (and bar).  Low-key technology.  Adjacent to miles of forest trails and local coffee shops.  Included are guides to get your teams talking, recommended local sustainable catering providers, and local itineraries that get your group outside and shifting perspectives. 

We welcome groups from across the country to this Richmond location. It’s close, yet separate from DC.  It’s where “north” meets “south”, with a backdrop of conflicted history, a blue city in a red region in a purple state.  And an emerging food and craft alcohol scene that provides plenty of refueling options. 

“Friends of Canvas” are other locally owned venues that we think are great and worth checking out as venues (we’re gradually adding “friends” around the world - if you’re interested in joining the list, drop us a note). www.friendsofcanvas.com

For more information, drop Claire a note.

Organizational Development, Training, and Internal Communications

A decade ago I co-founded The Frontier Project.  While still having a significant stake in the company, I’m no longer involved day-to-day with the company - the business is led by Ryann, one of the co-founders (and my ex-wife, interestingly) and her experienced team of Grant, Ned, Lauren and the wider crew.  Frontier offers a range of highly-rated workshops and consults on professional development programs, culture change, and internal communications.  

Other Speakers

If you thought my style and delivery was okay, you can find some other great speakers through Jamie and Frontier’s speaker network - many are friends as well as great speakers.  On D&I, Chelsea Higgs Wise and Tiffany Jana are great.  Kirsten Cluthe likewise curates a brilliant collection of speakers - Ibrahim, Amee, Dan, Manoush, Jason, and Amanda I’ve worked with in the past and are all have perspectives well worth hearing. And finally, a two-star - not a speaker rating, but a general. We’ve recently worked with Vinny Boles and I think he’s really good on pragmatic leadership with a perspective from the frontlines of decision making.

Keeping in Touch

If you want to join our email list, of course, just drop me a line.  We send out a blast from time to time when we have something to say.

Thanks for attending the event.

- Scott