(coffee served from 7.30am)

Resolving Conflict: Seeing Different Perspectives and Moving Issues Forward

Scott Wayne & Kelly Beekman - Envoy Intelligence

Sionne Neely & Allan-Charles Chipman - Initiatives of Change

Janet Kelly - Fmr Secretary of the Commonwealth, Exec Director VA Kids Belong

Thanks for inviting us to speak at the forthcoming quarterly Richmond SHRM Seminar Series gathering. We thought for this session on conflict resolution, we’d bring a few different perspectives to the field. While Envoy approaches conflict resolution through the lens of negotiation, our friends at Initiatives of Change carry the deep expertise in trust building and healing. And VA Kids Belong is focused on navigating social and political conflict to find common ground to serve Virginian kids in seeking adoption.

Between us we have experience working on conflict resolution and narrative change ranging from the streets of Ghana and the Yemen, the churches of Richmond, boardrooms around the world, through to the political corridors of Washington DC and London. Together, we hope to share with the Richmond HR community some techniques and approaches that might be helpful to you in the workplace in addressing conflict and tension.

Bottom line: after this morning together, you’ll be well armed to be the peacemaker and bridge builder across boundaries in your organization.

The Morning’s Agenda:

  • Talk: The Three Keys to Reaching Agreements

    Scott and Kelly share the negotiatior’s approach to reaching agreement.

    • How to see issues from other perspectives.

    • How to identify common ground.

    • How to shape discussions to reach agreement.

  • Group Scenario Exercise: The Conservative-Christian Governor and Progressive-Agnostic Advocate.

    Kelly, Sionne, and Janet run through a case study of bringing groups with different political, religious and economic outlooks to common cause.

    • Applying the techniques of the earlier talk to a (highly realistic) case study.

      • What/How/Where - finding common interest.

      • Techniques to ameliorate tension.

    • Group share-back of common themes within organizations.

  • Case Study Panel: Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation in Richmond.

    Sionne, Allan, Kelly, Janet - Moderated by Scott

    • How storytelling techniques and the arts can create a full, truthful narrative.

      • What lessons can be applied in your organization?

    • How to frame issues through the eyes of others.

      • How do you speak to stakeholders with different worldviews to yourself?

    • How to talk through the toughest issues.

      • Choosing the environment. Setting the tone. How to keep discussions passionate and respectful.

  • Closing Discussion:

    • How to tie these techniques back to workplaces in Virginia.

    • How we support each other in this work.

You can register here or email Townley Goldsmith-Ray for more details. Hope to see you on the 31st.

Scott, Kelly, Sionne, Allan, Janet.