The Prince and the Politician

Prince and the Politician.jpg

A contrast in approaches between the royal and the socialist during this week’s State Visit to London. Jeremy Corbin, leader of the opposition Labour Party in the United Kingdom, seeks an America that embraces social equity and respect for the environment. HRH Prince Charles shares that passion for the environment (one presumes social equity, but one can argue that’s a hard case to make as a hereditary royal…).

So, the Prince and the Politician have a common goal: influence President Trump to take climate change seriously, and re-engage with the Paris Climate Accords. How they approach that goal is entirely different.

How not to gain influence in the White House.

How not to gain influence in the White House.

The Politician makes it about him. About his world view, what he believes is right and wrong and morally just. He refuses to attend the state dinner in honour of The President. Instead, he joins street protests and speak in front of a banner declaring himself “Against Trump”.

The Prince, takes a different tack. He makes the interaction about his stakeholder and what motivates him. So its cannons, guards of honour, grand dinners and only after that, over tea at a palace, does he make the case for the environment.

Two approaches to dealing with global political realities that remind us that time plays a huge role in influence and negotiations. In the short term, Corbin’s approach works. To his core audience he seems righteous. But in the long term, should he become Prime Minister, he’ll be blocked from a Trump White House with no influence whatsoever over the UK’s most critical ally. No doubt, HRH The Prince of Wales will have an open invitation.