Did You Spend the Holidays Caregiving?

If you did. We’d love to talk with you. Early in 2019 we’ll be hosting in-person focus groups at Canvas, along with national phone-based interviews with those who are part of the “sandwich generation”. I.e. those who are simultaneously raising children and caring for aging (grand) parents. We’re particularly interested to those who are also trying to hold down careers.

We’re piloting a range of products and services…

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Reading for Conflicted Times

We were asked recently, after one of our talks on negotiation, whether a negotiation program at an eminent business school was worth the investment.  While we're never going to argue against investing in education, as pre-work we pointed them to some great reading.  We're frequently asked to recommend authors.  For these times when we need resolutions to many conflicted issues, here's a quick rundown of homework reading.

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