Envoy is a small research and negotiation firm tightly integrated with a multidisciplinary creative team, and supported by an adjunct global expert network.

We research and investigate human decision-making. Then we build programs and interventions that shift those choices and behaviors. That’s all we do:

We investigate, then influence, human decisions.

We work on a macro basis (marketplaces) and a micro basis (negotiations).  One can view of our work as a blend of behavioral economics, negotiation theory, and diplomatic tradecraft.

We represent our clients in investigating new opportunities and building new products and partnerships across sectors and geographies. Our work areas range from product development, M&A, public health policy, strategic partnerships, procurement, sales support, to government collaboration. 

Our clients are some of the most powerful corporations, non-profits, and governments in the world. And also, some of the most vulnerable.

We moderate high intensity retreats and run scenario exercises to help leadership teams reach agreement or prepare them for external negotiations.

We operate a low-key offsite location designed to bring parties together to hear perspectives and develop new strategies.

We speak regularly at conferences and leadership meetings about our philosophy and approach.

We complement large consulting firms who are focused on the “what” of markets in helping their clients understand the “why” of markets.

We work on a retainer, project, or outcome basis.

We claim no specific industry expertise. Our focus is entirely on understanding and influencing human decision making.

We are, by design, small. We’re always happy to talk.

- Scott